Product Testing

Product Testing

Ensuring product quality demands thorough testing, which can be time-intensive. Many manufacturers face the challenge of optimizing testing processes. Comprehensive test coverage often entails examining multiple aspects, encompassing electronics and mechanical components. These tests require robots to physically interact with the equipment and interpret relevant sensor signals while doing so.

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Human-like motions

Human-like touch

Force control enables robots to exert forces while in motion, resembling the capabilities of a human arm.


Integrate with external systems easily with Flexiv’s software development toolkit, the RDK.

Automobile manufacturers require rigorous testing of automotive components, given their crucial role in vehicles' performance, safety, and overall functionality. Accurate tests require close resemblance to real-world settings. Flexiv Rizon robots can be seamlessly integrated with the vehicle's communication computer using Flexiv's RDK interface, automating turn signal switch testing at an automotive production facility. The robots simulated human-like motions in real time while collecting signals, enabling realistic and comprehensive defect checks that were not possible with manual testing.


Multi-modal testing

Rich in sensing

Real time force, position and status monitoring

Real-time feedback

High frequency feedback at 1 kHz with easy to use software development toolkit (RDK)

The real-time force and position monitoring capabilities of the Flexiv Rizon robots make them a good choice for multi-modal product testing. This becomes particularly significant when establishing correlations among various signals is crucial for defect identification, employing data-driven approaches. Flexiv has successfully developed and deployed multiple test stations for an automotive component manufacturer. These stations are dedicated to testing ball joints in rear-view mirrors. Real-time force analysis of the joints has been implemented (at 1kHz with RDK), empowering the manufacturer to assess the smoothness and adherence to specified tolerance levels of the ball joints.

Connect and test


Handle any connector with ease

0.03 Nm

Precise force-guided assembly ensures that connectors are securely installed without damage

In cable, computer, and server testing, connectors are typically installed before running test software. Connector installation can be challenging, especially with complex connectors, and sometimes, multiple connectors must be connected before testing. Flexiv's adaptive assembly capabilities ensure the correct and secure installation of connectors, regardless of size or geometry. It also allows concurrent collection and analysis of force and position signals during plug-in, significantly enhancing efficiency by enabling parallel testing.

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